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Angel Sponsor - AU$12,000

Provide sponsorship to support a small or new start up to become an Industry Challenge Partner, who would otherwise not be able to be involved. You can select one company to become an Industry Challenge Partner, or we can help pair you with a company that aligns with your goals.


Angel Sponsors will be given the opportunity to provide:

  • A real challenge that matters to their business and a detailed problem brief our researchers can tackle;

  • A commitment to create specific video and communications content for distribution to our researchers and the wider community;

  • A Hackathon judge (two full days);

  • A Hackathon mentor (for duration of program).

All Challenge Partners are subject to approval by the Steering Committee and must align with the objectives and goals of the program. More detail on what is involved to be a Challenge Partner is available here:

Become a sponsor

Do you want some of Australia’s best and brightest researchers working on your industry challenge?

Contact us to find out how your organisation can become an Industry Partner of the Better Futures Innovation Challenge.

Contact our sponsorship team via

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