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Winners: Q1

Q1 will unlock resource discovery and early earthquake detection using an ultra-sensitive quantum seismometer

After the hackathon, Team Q1 proved their entrepreneurial spirit by using their winnings to prototype their idea for an ultra-sensitive, cheap and portable quantum seismometer and develop a feasible pathway to impact in under 2 months.

They are now working with mentors and their Universities to patent & publish their idea and explore potential commercial outcomes.

Team: Julian Ceddia (middle), Kyle Portwin (left), Nicholas Godfrey (right), Errol Hunt (not pictured)


Other outcomes

Over the 2-day hackathon, teams of researchers invented dozens of solutions to our industry challenges, with regular feedback from experts. At the end of the event, seven of the most innovate ideas were pitched to expert judges.

Three teams, one per industry challenge, were shortlisted and received ongoing financial backing and industry expert mentorship to develop their ideas over 2 months.

Other incredible ideas that were pitched to judges: Roof tiles that turn heat into into electricity, paints that transform cities into moss-covered greenscapes, a platform to streamline chemical safety management, and quantum tech education kits.


Not everything made it to the final pitches. Some of our favourite ideas that were left on the cutting room floor include:

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